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staff & elders

Kelly Alexander

year started at cherry hills:  2010

family:  Laura and three daughters Katherine, Alicia, and Nicole 


favorite book or verse of the bible: Titus and Titus 3:3-8


on a day off, i am most likely to be...: Reading if there is time and being with Laura doing whatever! 


favorite book/tv show/magazine: 3 books are tied for favorite:

- Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley

- the biography of Chester Nimitz by EB potter 

- The Admirals by Walter Borneman 

Favorite tv show 

- Justified  


favorite local restaurant

McCormicks (sadly...it’s closed and no place can replace it) 


what do you love about being an elder?

Am very new so I’m not sure yet. I’m looking forward to helping to guide CH through what’s next and supporting our congregation any way possible