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Robin & Teri Cook
Robin & Teri Cook

family: 5 kids – Matt age 40 – 3 kids, married Patti,   Andrew age 38,   Joshua age 34,   Jenni age 29 – 2 kids, married Justin,   Ryan age 25 – married Taylor.

what country do you serve in?/how long?: 42 years with OC – 8 years in Asia – Sri Lanka and Philippines – 34 years in home office – 30 years as Director of Sports Ambassadors

your job in 2 sentences or less: Manage and recruit and mobilize athletes and coaches.

favorite book: Bible, Decision-Making and the Will of God by Gary Friesen, Dedication and Leadership by Douglas Hyde

favorite food: Rice and Curry (with chicken, or fish or lamb or beef)

what do you love about your ministry?: I love the relationships I can initiate freely with the team that travels with me or with the opponent coaches and players and referees that we play against.  The kids at our clinics and camps are very open.