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various gospel readings part 3

10/14/2019    |   Brian Wilmarth
We have been digging into the life of Jesus. We have seen many of his miraculous works and heard some of his teaching to show us the way of the faith and of the Kingdom of God. So much to glean in...
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various gospel readings part 2

10/07/2019    |   Lee Willis
If you are like me, anytime you start to read the passages from the Sermon on the Mount, or any tied to the same teachings, you feel challenged and convicted at the same time. Yet, through these...
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various gospel readings part 1

09/30/2019    |   heather cremeens
I loved this week’s scripture reading so much. We learned about Jesus’ birth, His family, His childhood, and His early days of ministry. Reflecting on Jesus’ humanness makes me feel closer to Him,...
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psalms 142-150; luke 1; matthew 1

09/21/2019    |   Naomi Baliva
One of the tactics the enemy of our souls uses against us is the lie that we are alone. Feeling silenced and abandoned we can hide in shame or strive for acceptance, basing our lives on our own...
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psalms 101-110

08/26/2019    |   John Coady
Thanks to all the faithful bloggers for sharing on such a personal level – as well as to the readers who take the time to read these blogs.  Blessings to you all!   s – “I will sing of your love...
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psalms 60-72

07/29/2019    |   Brian Wilmarth
As we have followed the reading plan, I have found it helpful to modify it along the way. My preference is to have something to read each of the seven days of the week. So, I will stretch out the...
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psalms 45-59

07/22/2019    |   Naomi Baliva
Psalm 45-59 was written by several Psalters – the “sons of Korah,” Asaph, and David – at specific and various points in their history and lives.  For example, chapter 45 is a love song, chapter 51...
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psalms 31-44

07/15/2019    |   Abbey Butler
This week we are continuing to read in the book of Psalms. The Psalms are such a wonderful tool provided for us and can help us learn how to pour out our hearts to God as we are learning in our...
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psalms 17-30

07/08/2019    |   David Gorrell
This week we are continuing our way through Psalms. For me, the book of Psalms is a daunting book to start, but I always enjoy going through it. It is always a source of encouragement and relief,...
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psalms 1-16

07/01/2019    |   Lee Willis, Jr
We are starting the Psalms in our weekly blog and during our Sunday morning gatherings. I hope you appreciated Pastor Steve’s message as much as I did. It was a great way to get us started for...
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