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genesis chapters 1-12

01/07/2019    |   Brian Schwarberg

Happy New Year!  I’m so thankful you’re joining us on this adventure as we read through the Bible chronologically this year.  The plan we’re using is taken from The Wayfinding Bible and includes 260 readings highlighting the main storyline of the Bible, all of which points to Jesus. 


Let me say this at the beginning of the year…the goal is not perfection, it’s consistency. So if you miss a couple days and get behind, stick with it. God’s Word never returns void, so the time we spend with Him reading His Word is more valuable than we know.  With that being said, here is what stood out to me in Week 1:


scripture: genesis 3:1 – Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?” 


observation: This may be obvious to say, but Adam and Eve lived in perfection. There was no sin, no fear, no shame, no hurt, no death.  They had it all, yet when Satan approached Eve and questioned God, she began to question God too (and Adam followed suit). We’re told the three things Eve noticed about the fruit were:

  1. It was good for food. (provision)

  2. It was pleasing to the eye (It was beautiful to look at). (belonging)

  3. It was desirable for gaining wisdom. (significance) 


application: These were the three ways Eve was tempted, and they are the three ways we are tempted too. This was the bad news that Eve believed and the bad news we still believe today.

  1. We are tempted to believe that God will not give us everything we need. We are tempted to believe that God will not provide for us (Eve thought God was holding out on her), so we take matters into our own hands.  (provision)

  2. We believe belonging to God’s family is not enough (Eve grasped for the beautiful object in front of her), so we try to find our identity in what others think of us. (belonging)

  3. We believe we aren’t significant (Eve thought she would become like God), so we seek significance and power outside of God’s goodness, making an idol of power. (significance)

We all look for these three things in our lives, and when we forget that God provides all of them, we begin to believe the age-old lie “Did God really say…”


However, we can remember the Good News that:

  1. Through Jesus we receive God’s promise of abundant provision, giving us security again. (provision)

  2. Through Jesus we receive God’s abiding presence, giving us belonging again. (belonging)

  3. Through Jesus we receive God’s invitation to participate in His Kingdom, giving us significance again. (significance)


I so frequently go after the carrot on the stick thinking it will satisfy me. This year I want to remember my identity is In Christ, and he alone can satisfy the longings of my heart.


prayer: God, continue to remind me who you are, and that all of your promises are Yes in Jesus. Create a contentment in you, that I am satisfied with who you are and who you say I am. When I am tempted to sin, convict me in the moment and remind me that I don’t need to grasp after something to be satisfied, I can trust in you.