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amos, 2 kings, 2 chronicles

04/29/2019    |   Jeff Nelsen

We’re almost done with a third of 2019, and I cheer you on as you read through major sections of the Bible.

Some call Kings and Chronicles the “pots and pans” of the Old Testament, but I’ve always appreciated reading them. How people spend their one and only life is summarized in one sentence. So I here’s the sentence that stood out to me…


s – “Even while the people were worshiping the LORD, they were serving their idols.” (2 Kings 17:41)


o – Notice: these people worship the LORD. But they hold back part of their hearts so they can love other gods. They want to play the field, and keep their options open. They love the LORD, just not with all their hearts. Verse 40 says they persist in their old ways and won’t listen or change.


a – I’m often tempted to distance myself from people in the Bible. To think I’m not like them, or they’re very different than me. But if I’m honest, I worship the LORD “even while” giving my attention to other gods. My idols may not be made of wood or stone, but whatever competes with God for my ultimate affection and attention, is my idol.


p – Please help me LORD to listen and not persist when You point out an idol in my heart. I want to worship You wholeheartedly, but I’m still fickle and need Your daily, ongoing grace.