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psalms 31-44

07/15/2019    |   Abbey Butler

This week we are continuing to read in the book of Psalms. The Psalms are such a wonderful tool provided for us and can help us learn how to pour out our hearts to God as we are learning in our current sermon series. Something that I particularly love about them is that they provide us with practical language to use in our prayers. Not only that, but as the psalmists are talking to God, they reveal more about who He is through the ways they describe Him. That is something I really noticed while studying them this week.


s - scripture: psalm 32:6-7


Therefore let all the faithful pray to you

        while you may be found

surely the rising of the mighty waters

        will not reach them.

You are my hiding place;

        you will protect me from trouble

        and surround me with songs of deliverance.”


o - observation

We all experience “rising waters” in our lives. Sometimes it feels like we are drowning; either from everything we have to do, troubles that come our way, or big decisions we need to make. It is so easy to become consumed by these “waters.” They can often take the form of a rip current; no matter how hard you try on your own there doesn’t seem to be a way out. However, once you surrender to the wave, it releases you. In the same way, when we surrender these problems to God and lift up our faithful prayers to Him, He saves us from these mighty waters. We are invited to go to Him as a hiding place in these times of trouble. His response is to not only protect us from what we are experiencing, but to completely surround us with songs of deliverance. That means that any direction we turn to get out of our troubles, as long as we are hiding in God, he will free us.


a - application

When facing these times of trouble, it is extremely important to turn to God in prayer. Personally, I often try to fix them on my own but that never works out. In these times, I am left feeling overwhelmed and like there is no way out. Instead of taking everything into my own hands, I need to give everything to God, retreat to Him in prayer, and rest in His presence, finding a quiet place that allows me to be still and listen to His words of deliverance. Instead of hiding from God in these times, I need to hide in Him so that it is His voice filling my head and my heart instead of my own. The Psalms are a perfect place to go to in these times of trouble to pour out my heart to God.  They help me find new language to flood my thoughts instead of being flooded with the overwhelming words of the world.


p - prayer

Heavenly Father, thank you for being our hiding place and protecting us from the raging waters that surround us. It is so easy to lose sight of You and Your goodness when times of trouble arise. Help us from feeling consumed and remind us that you are our place of refuge when the storms get rough. Surround us with your overwhelming presence. Instill in us a sense of peace. Thank you for the songs of deliverance that you sing over us. I pray that we always hear your voice loud and clear. In Jesus’ strong and saving name, Amen.