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psalms 60-72

07/29/2019    |   Brian Wilmarth

As we have followed the reading plan, I have found it helpful to modify it along the way. My preference is to have something to read each of the seven days of the week. So, I will stretch out the selections over 7 days instead of 5. That has been helpful to me. I share this not to say you should do it too; rather to say there is freedom within the plan. We encourage you to dig into the Word regularly and consistently…in the way that accomplishes this goal best for you. On to the post…


s – scripture: psalm 65:1-2

“Praise awaits you, O God, in Zion;

      To you our vows will be fulfilled.

O you who hear prayer,

       To you all people will come.”


o – observation

This psalm is about praising God and turning to him in prayer. Why can we praise Him? For the ordinary and the extraordinary. V. 3-4 remind us of the grand and immense salvation we have from sin. Jesus would come to bring about forgiveness and atonement/covering for our sin. And we can draw near to God and live in his courts. This is extraordinary! The extraordinary continues with allusions to God’s deliverance (Exodus from Egypt) and power (as Creator). Then, the ordinary. He waters the land and produces crops. He causes flowers to grow and livestock to thrive. What I notice most about this is how the psalm seems to bring together the ordinary and extraordinary. Often, I think of ordinary things and extraordinary things being far apart. The extraordinary are rare and awe-inspiring, and therefore more valuable. But, actually the psalm suggests they are closer together than I often picture. They come from the same source and heart – God’s! The ordinary are also quite miraculous as well. The growth of crops and food every season is a wonder. We have no control over that. We have just a small part in the process. God makes things happen.  Both the ordinary and extraordinary are wonderous and are provision from the Lord, for which we can praise Him.


a – application

I am reminded to pause and see the world and events around me. Sometimes, I go too fast to soak in the good around me (think Ferris Bueller). I think we are to pause. I think we also see the value of both the ordinary, regular mercies and graces of God, as well as the extraordinary. I want to see the big and spectacular, and I miss the good of the ordinary. I think the psalm can help us appreciate both the big and the small, and not take any of it for granted. We praise God and give Him thanks for all of it. It all comes from Him and are gifts of provision from our Gracious Father.'


p – prayer

Gracious Father, thank you for all that You provide us, whether big and unique, or small and consistent. You are God who provides and graciously blesses us, even in ways we do not know. We pause right now and say thank you for simply providing for us. Lord, show us how You provide, in big and small ways. Slow us down so that we can see and appreciate. Show us how the ordinary and extraordinary both come from Your hand and let us not take it for granted. We are thankful, Lord, and we praise You for all that you give. In the name of Jesus, Amen.