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psalms 101-110

08/26/2019    |   John Coady

Thanks to all the faithful bloggers for sharing on such a personal level – as well as to the readers who take the time to read these blogs.  Blessings to you all!


s – “I will sing of your love and justice; to you, O Lord, I will sing praise.” (Psalm 101:1)


o – Notice the interesting pairing of God’s love with His justice that causes the Psalmist to burst into a song of praise.


a – My years in the justice system, even in the best justice system in the world, leads me to the conclusion that our “justice” is imperfect.  Truly “just” decisions are thwarted by lies and liars, lack of all the facts, assumptions and misunderstandings, and the prejudices and biases of those who judge.


I am overwhelmed as I contemplate all the implications of the first verse of Psalm 101.  Our God, the Sovereign and Perfect Judge, not only knows all the facts of my life, but my heart as well.  He knows in complete and accurate detail my secret sins, my carnal desires, and my self-absorption.  With absolute perfect judgement, He knows my verdict of justice is guilty and that I am without any excuse or any justification.   


But in the same breath that the Psalmist praises our God for his justice, the Psalmist praises God for his love.  This is a love that does not erase the conviction and the sentence my sin and guilt merit.  But – praise God – the sentence upon the conviction is carried out by Jesus stepping into my place to take on my condemnation and in which he serves that sentence!  What???  Sinful me is declared sinless??? Eternal life with this God is mine despite that sinfulness???  Is there anything more undeserving???  What kind of God is this!!! 


p – Lord God, how could I possibly thank you for finding a way for me, a sinner, to have eternal fellowship with you?  I am humbled that You, the perfect judge, chose to save me by sending your son Jesus to serve my sentence.  I join the brothers and sisters in Christ in loud chorus praising you for your unfathomable love!