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life together

Connecting with other people is essential to life and growing in faith. We grow best when we have intentional relationships with others. Check out some of these options for this summer!

revelation wellness 217 for ladies

This fitness-based ministry is offering a recurrent Saturday morning class at 8am in our gymnasium on campus. Prepare to be encouraged as you are led in the word and move your body as an act of worship. Please feel free to bring a friend! Classes are free, and you can find out more info on the Revelation Wellness 217 Facebook page. No signup necessary!

care group: moms of adult children

The purpose of this group is CPR - comfort, prayer & refreshment for parents of adult children whose kids are struggling with addictions, depression and poor life choices. If you are interested in meeting with other women who share similar struggles, this group is for you. Jenni Young will be leading this group and it will be on Thursday nights at 6pm at the church. You can sign up HERE

Eutychus summer book club (men and women welcome)

This summer Pastor Steve is once again hosting the “Eutychus Book Club.” Who is Eutychus? Eutychus was the young man in Acts 20:9 who fell asleep and fell from the window while Paul was speaking (thankfully he was raised back to life). This Eutychus club is meant to stimulate “sleepy” disciples by inviting them to participate in conversations about 21st century faith matters. The hope is that this will sharpen our focus as we attempt to glorify God in our lives and in the church and stimulate good conversation.


The next book we are reading is The Third Option by Miles McPherson (you need to purchase the book on your own). We will meet to discuss this book at 6:30 am, July 14 at the Café in the Student Building (coffee provided!). Please come having read the whole book and be ready for discussion (note: this is not a class, it’s a discussion).


If you have any questions, you can email Pastor Steve.

men's groups

We have two groups meeting. One on Thursday mornings at 6:30am and one on Wednesday nights at 6pm. Both groups study a variety of topics so it's easy to join mid-study. Men are welcome to join at any time! Questions? Email us!

life groups

If you are interested in joining a life group, please email us!


Email us!